A revista Words without Borders dedica uma edição inteiríssima à literatura iraquiana. Textos de ficção, não ficção e poesia de escritores como Ali Bader podem ser lidos no site. Suas paisagens ficcionais têm em comum o atravessamento de uma década inteira de guerra.

“Be quiet, soldier”, narrativa do novelista iraquiano Ali Bader, mostra o pesadelo vivido nas trincheiras:

“The city was sad and distant, as if it had been exiled to the furthermost frontier. It was completely, utterly empty, save for the trucks spinning out in the mud while crossing its streets. Just a day ago, in this very place, I witnessed a pitiless lineup of wounded bodies on stretchers, and nurses in white scrubs walking in the field clinic—the mobile hospital that would follow the battlefield, remaining at its edges.”

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